The first of January has always been one of my favorite riding day of the year!!

Because you are riding with your friends and family, and because they are many less people on the hill due to that international hangover day!! This year I went riding in Bareges-La Mongie in the french Pyrénées.. The cool thing there, is that it's warm, riding in the sunshine helps making it a better day!! And people from the south are friendly and smiling in all weathers. (

We just went cruising down some slopes jibbing here and there.. We had a delicious home made soup up on the mountain with the extraordinary view on the Pic du Midi, which is one of the highest star observatories in Europe.. from which the panorama is absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend the visit of the site.. quite impressive place to see.. (

The snow conditions were good and that first small kicker of the park made that whole run totally worth it!! The park can be soo epic! it s shaped by the Ho5 crew ( good friends of mine who always make it super fun to ride..

Big ups to all who went riding on the first of January!!

And happy New Year 2008!