I'll start off by telling I've just got hooked up by Lasse Andersen on Oakley goggles, that is really awesome! I have always wanted to ride for Oakley and I feel really lucky to represent them from now on!

I spend this weekend in Oslo at Arvid Søndreli's place, DC salesrep in Norway. I had so much fun, and on Saturday night; we went to the movies Ästhetica by standard films and also a Norwegian movie called Signatures. I had a hard time telling which one was the best, they were killing it both!

In Geilo, where I go to school and live most of the time, the snow has already showed up, last weekend to be exact. It didn't stay more than a couple of days though; so we didn't get any time for snowboarding. But no worries, I'm going to Saas Fee (again) on Tuesday 14. for two weeks of, hopefully great time to snowboard. I'm staying there for three weeks, included a weekend trip to London the 25. Oct. to ride the Big Air WC! Really looking forward to meet some friends there and do some of the first competitions this year, can't wait!

Since I was a little kid, I've always dreamed of having a miniramp at home. This fall it happened! Me, dad, grandpa and my brothers worked on it for a week in August, and we have been skating it everyday since (not my dad and grandpa of course)! I've learned a couple of fancy tricks there as well. The best thing is we get to skate it during the winter because it is indoor. As a matter of fact, I'm on my way for a session there right now!

Stay tuned for a report from Saas Fee in a few days!

Best regards, Gjermund Braaten