Although it's 30 degrees and naked Germans are wading in the Isar by Onboard's riverside editorial steamer, we're working on next season's mags already. And we are absolutely NOT sneaking off early to the beer garden or getting sunburnt riding the glaciers. Oh no.

Alas, the call of the biergarten will have to wait as we are already starting another of the seasonal chapters of the good book that is Onboard with issue 91 - The Eco Issue. There's some grand old hippy stuff going in that one, oh yes, but specifically (and the reason for this post) 91's Crossfiree is none other than one of the finest representatives of Queen and Country to step on a snowboard ... drum roll please ... Miss Jenny Jones.

We need your questions to put to Jenny, and they can be on any subject that has ever crossed your mind. Bear in mind, though, that ones about squirrel fishing or the migratory patterns of swallows probably won't get printed, whereas ones about snowboarding and (as it is the Eco issue) the environment have more of a chance.

If you got anything kicking around in the little grey cells, fire 'em to {encode="" title=""} with the subject as 'Jenny Jones Crossfire 91' and we'll put the most interesting ones to Jenny and print them in the mag.

Hope summer's hitting for y'all.