The weather forecast couldn´t have been better than for Sunday so I decided to go riding in Seefeld (Tirol/ Austria), kind of my home resort since two years. Although one and a half hours from Munich, it is my secret spot for backcountry riding if you are around that area – no locals so if you are there on the right day, you get one first line after another and if you are up for some hiking, you can get incredible runs and straight lines through easy or not so easy couloirs!

Yesterday we hiked about 30 minutes and still found some powder - as well as 7 chamois and two Austrian old locals who were surprised by meeting a girl in the mountains (I don´t want to know what kind of woman waits for them at home!) as they said something like “What a chick, can climb up the mountains whereas the other chicks only sit in the disco. Want a Schnaps?" Also if we had to cross a small river after that run and hike back to the slope as there was not enough snow on the bottom of the resort, it was worth it.

Next Monday Seefeld will close and probably I won´t come back until next winter as I will be on the road searching for some new resorts in Austria from Thursday until Sunday (watch out for my next blog) but you will read more about this amazing small resort next season in one of the issues…

Live life to the fullest - Mel