This month my blog comes to you from 25-year-old Lukas Draxl, an up-and-coming Austrian boarder.


I want to tell you something from last weekend. On Saturday I went snowboarding with Sani and Flo Thaler. We were in Hintertux, the park is funny and good but the rest of the glacier is dead up there.

It really looks like a moon landscape. We had a good sessions with a lot of other friends in the park. After riding I went back to Innsbruck. Now it was time to find a lift to Munich, because the "Lubedence" premiere was on there. All the pirates already left to warm up at the "Oktoberfest" so I had to take the train.

When I arrived in Munich I went straight to the club to warm up. I was too early and nearly alone so maybe it was too much warm up... I was really drunk and I canĀ“t remember a lot, but the party was funny and long. On Sunday I was lucky to find a place in the back of a car where I could sleep and chill all day. Maybe I will see you next weekend on the glacier or on the dance floor.

Peace greets, Lukas