Good day, good night, good morning or whatever the clock is.

My name is Rasmus Tikkanen and this is my first blog here at Onboard! But also this is my first blog ever! Stoked to start my blog-era and slip even more into the cyber world! I´m already worried about the hours I spend in front of my computer, so this is just one more nail into my coffin!!! Skype, MSN, iChat etc, they just keep coming, and from one day to another you have 10 different chat programs open 24/7. People keep harassing you all day long, but the strange thing is, you just can´t shut them down...

Well, anyways, I´m Rasmus and I am a janitor from Helsinki, Finland. I can´t describe what I actually do since I do so many things at the same time. This causes an overload in my brain, and makes me incapable of thinking.

At the moment I remember me doing Storbis movies, Villawool beanies, journalistic work and adverts.

Well anyways, I have to go now, since I probably have something to do right now... can´t remember what though!

Cheers you bloody Storbonauts!!!