On October 3, the German Natonal Halfpipe Championships will take place in the Snow Funpark in Wittenburg, Northern Germany, which is blessed with an indoor halfpipe since last spring. I have already been there and have to admit that it is worth a visit: Perfect 4,5 meter walls, no crowds and you can do about 100 runs a day as the chair lift brings you up to the top of the 330 meters long slope with in two minutes!

One of the best German rookie riders, Benny Urban from Hamburg (only a 45 minute drive from Wittenburg) looks forward to the contest: "Normally I have to drive about 1000 k´s to get to ride a pipe in the mountains." But also the "legends from the Alpes", Xaver Hoffmann and Christophe Schmidt, will compete in this unusual surrounding... I´m curious who will win the battle "Preisn gegen Bayern" (for non-native German speakers: This is Nothern Germany against Bavaria or - maybe more common - England against France)!!!

More information: www.snowfunpark.com