Gotta agree with Huggy bear – the A & S event last weekend was pure ecstasy! Why? The riding was amazing, the atmosphere was off the roof, the air wintery crispy and the party fun with a capital F. Oh; and staying in Sheraton wasn’t too bad either. So this year was finished off with both big Air and Style.

Next we have a Global Sales Meeting here in IBK which means that most of our distributors and reps around the world will fly out to Innsbruck and we will get to explore the new product ranges for 07-08. I have seen some and must say that the new stuff is sick. You will love them, kids!

And let’s finish off with a little piece of Trivial Pursuit knowledge for ya’ll -> wishing Happy Birthday to Finland – cause today we are celebrating our 89th independence day!

So be good and behave, eh! Enjoy the holidays and catch you later.