There is nothing more fun then riding my home mountains and cruising down the slopes in the sunshine.. I came to Avoriaz for the Stash opening.. Since I was so close from home, my mum, brother and friends came to meet me through the slopes from the swiss side..

We started with some runs in the pipe cause my brother had a world cup the next day and went for some slopes.. I had my camera in the pocket and shot funny slashs pics.. we took some runs in the stash and went to the sunset side of the mountain for some riding in the easy park.. the snow was really good and it wasn’t too cold.. we had a super fun day finding little jumps all over the place..

Avoriaz is one of the 8 french resorts part of “Les Portes du Soleil" which are also connecting to 6 other swiss resorts. They have got a sick pipe, 2 really good parks and from now on, a stash run.. There are no cars in the village.. if you need a cab you ll use the horse cars.. the buildings look really funny as if they came right out of a cartoon.. the best about it, is that you wake up and strap in since the village is right in the middle of the slopes!! Check it out: