Hey Guys,

We are in Saas Fee, Switzerland at the moment. Joining the world cup with the national team there. The conditions are not that good, the pipe is really icy and there is a freezing cold wind all the time. So yeah, it's not that easy to ride here. But it snowed the last few evenings so the first runs up at the mountains offered us some fresh powder turns. Hell yeah.

yesterday was the first contest day, it went not that bad for each of us but nobody on our team made it to the final. It was our friend Xaver Hoffmann's Birthday so we went out for some beers later.

Today is a day off but on Friday we have qualification for the second comp again. Afterwards we will go to Hintertux or Dachstein for the weekend just for riding a bit on the jumps there to practice for the air and style next week. Same as last weekend, we both don't feel that safe on kickers still and so we have to change this quickly now. Well whatever, next weekend air and style games in Munich, watch out. Take care.