After a crazy day yesterday I didn’t think that the weather could get windier, but I was completely wrong. We left the apartment at about 9 o’clock. After about 5 minutes of driving we saw the Norwegian ski team coming down the mountain, they were saying the lifts was closed due to wind blowing snow on to the road. That sucked so hard but what can you do?

So we headed back down and had a kickaround with the locals, who kicked our asses in a football match. We went back for dinner and the whole Field productions crew was sunbathing, a pretty funny way to spend the afternoon, me and Josh sweating from football and those guys just kicking back chilling in the sun. Just before eating me and Josh shot some nice portrait photos, one of which is looking pretty sweet on my facebook page right now.

After dinner we decided that it was worth trying to go and hit the road gap we had scouted out the day before. The wind was still killer but we had to man the f**k up to get a good shot on it.

After an hour of hiking and hitting it, we got the shot so it was all worth it (I can’t put it on this blog so you’ll have to keep an eye out for it next season). I am stoked, had an amazing day; super sick shredding till 10.30pm having good fun with Emil, Johan and Eric – many thanks to the rad Folgefonna Shaper Crew!