Hey guys,

Long time ago since my last blog - have done a lot if things inbetween.

We joined the air and style rookie session and got the biggest flash ever.

First time riding in front of 30,000 people, who scream like crazy when you get your tricks nailed. Never been in this kinda star thing before. Just flashed.

The pro session was even more amazing, never seen such a riding level before, it seemed like each rider tried to reach the limits.

Just the best comp ever. Afterwards I went back to school, just for a few days because last Thursday we flew out to Denver, Breckenridge.

We have been here now for four days. The snow conditions are good and park and pipe perfect. At the end of the week we are going to join the US grand prix there but the main reason for us here is to get some new tricks for the season done. The possiblities are good for it so I hope it will work out also!

Yeah that´s it for now, hope you guys get snow in europe soon also.

Have a good one.