I was in London last weekend for some party-machen at the Freeze and the ski show, and after the contest we bro'd down with some of the Finnish riders at the Pirates premiere and ended up sharing a cab to the hotel. To offer a rare insight into the sauna-psyche, I managed to convince them to give the driver a rendition of a classic Finnish song. Here it is. Names withheld to protect the innocent, but one won the contest, one is his brother and one's name rhymes with 'panne'. Thanks for capturing, Simone.

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And here's a rough translation.

I'm not getting lost in the winds of world anymore, let our connection get stronger. I would like to continue the well started journey. When the time brings the troubles, from our luck we build a covering shield.

And here's the original.

Suomi pojat osaa hommat parin oluen jälkeen!! Kiitos, for the laughs homies!

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