Today was my final day in Folgefonna. I woke up and had the biggest breakfast ever, the place we stayed at baked fresh bread each day and it makes all the difference!

I knew I could not shred today because I had to set off to Bergen airport at 12 so I was looking for things to do before then. I asked the hotel manager if there was anything to do in town, thinking he would say nothing much, but believe it or not it was Norway Day!! Stoked! So I got to watch all the people parade up and down the streets of Jondal with their Norwegian flags and dresses, super fun insite into Norwegian culture!

We passed by the local brand new football field, it looked amazing, apart from the fact it was uneven, haha! it was so funny. Check the shot!

After packing the hire car that Mattias Fredrikson the worlds sickest ski photographer rented, we headed off to fly away. 3 hours in the airport watching Ali G and then home time. So here I am now, back in sunny London studying for exams. It was hard to leave beautiful Norway. ‘Till next time!

- Sparrow