Heya all! I ride for Fiat and I never thought I would get that excited about cars!!

Right now I m driving the Fiat Bravo.. It’s got leather seats, super cool tires, racing peddles, a double “pot d’echapement", 155 horses, an “allume cigare" in the trunk where i can put a cooler for long surfing days.. and it speaks Italian! And it’s super comfortable too! The big sticker in the front make people believe that I'm a crazy freestyle driver.. and they think I'm tough! Haha!!

Go to FIATFREESTYLETEAM.CH for updates, infos and more. I hear there are some days in Saas Fee with Romain, Nicolas and I to win..

Anyways.. the FIAT 500 is my next car of choice for the summer! Cutest car for sure! And it exists in baby blue too!