A new pokersite is born! I'm proud to announce that I will join the Evil Table team...

Evil Table is a poker site that, instead of giving bonuses to people, arrange Events for poker players as well as for people who doesn't find this game of the Devil the funniest thing on earth.

Next event will be in Wäsa/sweden on the 4-7th of January. For anyone who is interrested in going there you can sign up on www.eviltable.com. If you manage to gather enough VIP points, which shouldn't be too hard, you will get the trip for free! Visit eviltable.com for more info.

To promote these events Evil Table has put together a team of Action sport profiles. The snowboard team consists of me, Jonas Carlson, Martin Sandberg and Chris Sörman.

Come and play some poker with us!!

Music tip of the blog: Dissection - Reinkaos. (Maha-Kali = sick song!)

Jon Nödtveid R.I.P