What's up Internet!!! I can't believe the full month of Camp of Champions is already over. Sessions A through D went by in no time! But that's how it always goes when you are having the time of your life, right?!

The weather was more than perfect for the entire month - each session got plenty of sunny days and the campers stood out of the village crowd with their goggle burns and bright clothes on nice BC afternoons.

One of my favourite things to do this summer was to ask campers on fridays what they had learned throughout the week. I was amazed by their answers over and over again. Seemed like everyone went home with a huge bag of new tricks.

Another favourite turned out to be the great invention of Mr. Martin Rasinger - the Bagjump! That thing is wicked fun... when you get a chance to hit it - you definitely should!!! Whoever hit the bag would certainly be back every day afterwards! It was just too fun to end an exhausting day on the hill by just letting lose and flying upside down into the huge air mattress... People hitting this daily included Elias Elhardt, Rob Kingwill, Henry Jackatron, Scotty Lago, Justin Lamoureux - double-corking pretty much any trick in the book and just hucking yourself with the nicest view into Whistler Valley... good times, good times...

Silli Mittermueller was coaching only during the first two sessions so I was really stoked to have someone to shred with during the last two weeks! We ended up hiking a whole bunch of jibs together and having lots of fun. The night that could be called the Climax would definitely be the one I drove the RV up to the staff housing to say hello. We ended up driving it down to the Liquor Store, screaming out of the windows, laughing, and enjoying our Canadian lives... we were just gonna have a beer or two, but ended up buying a few more because it's cheaper to buy bigger amounts. One thing led to the next (things being beers) and we ended up slightly wasted at Karaoke night - storming on stage for every song we liked and just singing along with whoever had requested that song. Me in the end of course screaming Metallica's For Whom The Bell Tolls while chugging a huge beer on stage during the 2 minute melodic intro. Somehow both Silli and I managed to be up at the hill fairly early the next morning though. It was definitely a bagjump day... :)

Now I am just enjoying some more summery days in Whistler before flying out to Los Angeles on Friday for a fun weekend!!!

I will blog again when I am out there!!!