Happy Easter from I-man! We've been watching Rockers last night, in case you were wondering... Not so happy Easter though for Anne-Flore Marxer, who was the only girl brave enough to ride the big table in the Moon Park, but ended her session today with a concussion, a broken wrist and three broken teeth, trying a Rodeo 720 over the monster! We wish her well, and hope she'll be catching some epic waves in a month time. After Victor Delerue's sore knee from yesterday and a knuckle landing, our troups still on the battle field decided to jump a couple more times the table and the twin, before heading to some more jibby stuff over the lake. We also scoped in closeby Mottaret, and I have to say this place must be pretty insane in full winter mode: steepness as you wish, pillows, cliffs, it's Marioland! The only problem is that you end up on a very flat track to go back to Meribel. And in case you wonder why there's no tracks under the flat bit, let me tell you it's a Natural Park, and you might end up paying an expensive fine if you were found jumping over those epic mushrooms... Anyways, park is over for us, but we might hang on a little more to chase all the treasure that this marvellous resort has to offer. If our troups left - JJ Roux and Johann Baisamy - and the locals - Emeric Front, Thomas Gerin, Nicolas Diaz, Jerome Berlioz and David Livet - are still up for the rumble. If not, then we'll enjoy Thomas Gerin's Crocodile Restaurant for a nice braserade, and the infamous Jerome 'Beber' Berlioz's special sandwich delivery service on the park!