The Pirate premiere tour keeps rolling and last week we stopped in Tokyo.

Nitro and DeeLuxe were organising a big party for a large bunch of enthusiastic japanese snowboarders and media.

The trip started off with sushi, shopping and a visit to the main snowboard shops for signing and party promotion. Everybody were really tired. Me, my girlfriend Carro and Holger from DeeLuxe only from jetlag but Basti, Marco, Lukas Goller, Max and ludschi from a full night´s party in Tokyo´s red light district: Roppongi. The premiere party started off with a japanese video production starring, amongst others, Atsushi - Japanese DeeLuxe and Nitro ripper. The video was followed by a performance by three Sick bongo drummers! Then the Lubedence movie was on and all the japanese people sat down on the floor so that everybody could see (or was that because of the rather large and fast alcohol consumption?)

At 23.00 the party was over and a large crew moved to a restaurant where food and beer was ordered. The party atmosphere didn't die until 5 in the morning when it was time to hit the sack. Next day we slept to 16.00. Crazy how jetlag+ party fucks your time rhythm up...

Once again Japan proved to be one of my absolute favourite travel destinations!

Music tip: The Deviant - Norwegian black metal band whose singer sounds a lot like Abbath from Immortal!