Right now I'm Korea! Can you believe it? I hardly do, it's a crazy country, almost as crazy as Russia! The reason is snowboarding World Championships. Me and my buddies from Norway, Tore, Roger and Kim Rune are staying in an overheated hotelroom at the bottom of the slopes. We are doing both pipe and big air, and the conditions are raaaad! As the headline says, I have two bad news.

Today we had Big Air practice and I had the slowest board ever. I think I knockled like 6 times or so. But that is not the worst part! To solve my speed problem, I figured riding straight down to do a bs rodeo would be the solution. That went very well, the first time. The second try, I did a bs rodeo 9 with crail, something I've never even tried before. I was stoked! So stoked I couldn't keep the balance until the end and I slammed, hit that icy flat after the landing with my back. And there I was, stumbling my way up to my room to get the painkillers.

"We regret to announce that the 2009 Vans Cup has been cancelled. Thank you everyone who has played a role in making the Vans Cup one of the world's top snowboarding events. We apologize for any inconvenience this news may cause." NOOOOOO!! HELL NO! I have been looking forward to this contest since the summer when I got a spot. And now they are blowing it off. I was also supposed to do the rookie challenge in air and style as well, but that got cancelled too. Screwed. I guess I'm having some bad luck this season hehe.