Call me sensitive, call me a girl, call me weepy but before dropping in on our last run today I had to cry. This place up here is amazing, unbelievable, almost unreal and probably the closest to heaven you could ever get while still on earth.

After being flown in with the helicopter yesterday, we not only were confronted with 20 centimetres of fresh snow (not to forget the three meters that are already there...) but also a house for every four of us (which I'm sharing with Birgit from Burton, Anke from Pleasure and Coco from 7th Sky), a huge lodge with a bar (serving you almost every drink you want, even French Absinthe!) and an outdoor sauna. Like I already mentioned in my last blog: I think I'm still dreaming!

Well, I wasn't anymore when we all went for a yoga session at 6.30 in the morning. After breakfast we all couldn't wait to get into the snow cats that were already waiting for us - loaded up with hot drinks, sandwiches and cookies.

The rest is history, I would say... 7 hours of riding deep, deep, really deep powder! I have never experienced anything like this before: Not any single one of our 9 runs we did today was tracked! The cat dropped us off, our guide told us where we should go down, we didn't see much because of all the sprays, we all met at the cat with a big smile on our faces and did the same over and over and over again. Hilarious. The girls killed it.

Anne-Flore was the first one ever to up here go down the Blair's Scare run with a Noboard (a fish without bindings but some pads and a leash) and "pipe girl" Hannah Teter has fallen in love with Mr. Pow Pow. This is one of the best experiences I have ever made since I started snowboarding - thank you Donna, thank you Baldface Lodge!

Craig Kelly used to work as a guide in this area and was a good friend of Paula and Jeff, the owner's of the lodge. A wooden cross and some empty wine bottles still remember him at the top of the last run down to the lodge and if a raven shows up, it might be Craig. This place is close to heaven...

Sorry that it took a while to upload this blog but it is snowing again and I didn't have internet connection for a while. Ha ha, not that I would REALLY feel sorry for this - man, it is snowing again!!!