We got off the plane in Bergen in bluebird conditions which was a really good start to the trip. I heard it rains over 300 days a year there (sounds depressing) so we were super lucky to see the city in the sun and I was looking forward to getting to the Folgefonnna glacier where we’re going to ride.

The drive was really beautiful; I had never been in Norway on a sunny day before. Makes a big difference. About an hour and thirty minutes into the journey from the airport we took a ferry to Jondal, the town that you stay when you’re riding the Folgefonna glacier. The ferry ride was short and sweet, the scenery is just epic.

Once I got there I met up with Jon Olsson the skier and we headed up the mountain. There wasn’t much of a park, as all the snow cats were working on Jon Olssons’ jump which is 27 meters. Looking forward to hitting that, it’s gonna be nuts. There is so much snow on the side of the road, I think Folgefonna got 13 meters of snow this year. The t bar is nearly buried.

In the afternoon, I headed down after watching the jump being built all day. Me and some skiers had a trampoline session and played football with my bro before bed. Good first day. Hopefully the jump will be ready to hit up tomorrow!