Hey fellas.

What´s up? We had a fun time at the Dachstein Pleasure Jam this weekend.

At this session I blew up my ACL last year together with my brother. So it's already one year ago now. Fuck yeah.

We both didn't join the comp at the weekend, just spent our time doing some fun filmshots for isenseven and shot some fotos as well. It had some new fresh snow so I was already able to do my first powderturns again also.

After riding we spent a lot of time by playing pool games for hours.

It was definitely a good time, and I'm already looking forward to the next days on snowboard. But before I have to do some school and finally have to find a car for Tobi & me. At the end I want to mention the new movie of isensevenmedia is available - it's called "Prediculous" and shows a nice combination of good snowboarding and lots of fun moments. Created and edited by Alex Schiller and Vincent Urban. For me it was a blast to watch it! www.isenseven.de.

Have a good one.