Hello, my name is Gjermund Bråten and I´m from Norway.

After being a head-to-toe Burton rider for two years now, I'm proud to report that I'm representing DC snowboards from now on! While spending the whole summer in Norway waiting for Burton to come up with a new contract, Norwegian DC team manager and sales rep, Thomas Harstad, talked me into trying some boards here in NZ, and that made my decision. The boards turned out to be the best I've ever ridden!! They are totally killin' it, even if it's rails, huge kickers or icy halfpipes. Thanks a lot to Sean Lake, Zack Dalton and Thomas Harstad for giving me the opportunity to ride DC!

But a big shout out also goes to Burton and Elling Balhald, Robin Gaastra, Christian and Calle for helping me up, and out! Wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for their support during these two years..

To all of you wondering what board to ride this winter, the snow is whiter on the DC side...

Shred and have fun!

Name: Gjermund Bråten DOB: 23.10.90 Hometown: Torpo, middle of Norway Sponsors: DC, Swag

If you want to read more about Gjermund, check out his interview in Onboard issue 99 that just came out! Gjermund is the World Rookie Champion 2008 and despite his young age he already has a super smooth style and many aces up his sleeves regarding his big bag of tricks on both rails and kickers...