Today we went catboarding at Triconi Mt. which is located 30km south of Whistler. The cat was supported by PowderMountainCatSkiing. After arriving at the Base of PowderMountainCatSkiing we met up with Johnny Lyall who followed our cat with his sled. The cat wasn't as fast as the sleds the days before, so we had a long time to look out the windows and see the nice landscape of Triconi. So we arrived the drop off zone and we went up for a few nice pow runs between the trees. Since the weather didn't clear up we had to stay there. The first runs were kind of flad and hard to get speed, but our guide got us to a steeper area. We hit this run all day long, with big sprays, some cliffs and pillows. In the end the weather cleared up leaving us one last treerun in the sunshine before leaving Canada back to Seattle.

One more Zimtstern-Bus blog to come!