Hello from Laax, here's what went down yesterday in the halfpipe.

I learnt a few things yesterday. 1 - you always need more suncream than you think. 2 - not being able to access the internet makes me feel worryingly uneasy. 3 - the Scratch Perverts are very, very good.

There was also a pipe contest and despite scortching conditions the pipe just about held up and the shreds and shredettes jumped their way down the U-Tube for our gawping pleasure.

As I seem to be in a techno-desert right now this'll have to be breif, suffice to say that Angus Leth's snowboarding has come on in leaps and bounds from last year and well deserved his win. Solid first hi fs 7s lead him in and he maintained his hight and tech down the pipe's length. Angus was given a decent run by Sam Cullum (another whose riding is worth of attention) but it seemed his legs were a bit knackered as he couldn't suck up the landing on a mid run straight air.

In the women's, Lesley McKenna showed that she's showing no signs of taking her foot off the pedal and took her umpteenth British pipe title. Les released some hefty straight airs and the odd spin from her her boudoire of tricks and it was enough to beat off the other chicks.

Righto. Again, sorry for the briefness of this. I'm really having issues with technology right now.




1. Lesley McKenna

2. Laura Hill

3. Maria Cork


1. Angus Leith

2. Sam Cullum

3. Gary Greenshields