I have been in Breckenridge Colorado for almost two weeks now, we had great weather all the time! Me and Kim Rune Hansen was shredding and filming each other, check out the movies!

To top things off in the end of our stay, we went to Park City to do "The Intelligent Design", where I got fourth place! The course was really inventive and creative and started with a 25 m kicker, a hip, a down rail, a halfpipe and then a quarterpipe in the very end. My run was bs 1260 on the kicker, cab 9 on the hip, fs blunt to bs board on the rail, back to back seven and a fs air in the pipe and a chuckflip in the quarter, really stoked to put down all those tricks in a row! Shaun White won, Charles Reid on second and Luke Mitrani got third. It is to be mentioned that I stayed at the DC Mountain Lab, which was a sick experience!

http://vimeo.com/3453600 Norwegians in Breck 09 from Gjermund Bråten on Vimeo.