The Blue Tomato Kids Snowboard Day 2009 will take place on December 19th 2009 at the Planai and is of course FREE for all kids!

The kids are getting pro-tips from our Blue Tomato teamriders, who are going to support the kids with heart and soul. So if you are already bored from the normal downhill shredding and you need a new challenge, you should come by and try out the rails and boxes the funpark has to offer. But certainly we are not forgetting the beginners among yourselves. At the Blue Tomato snowboard school Planai the kids will get beginner`s courses for free, so that next time they will be able to hit the park. With a video session and the dispersal of goodie bags in the Blue Tomato Shop Schladming the Kids Snowboard Day will have its finish.

Get your registration until December 19th 2009 at; phone: +433687/242 23 19

The meeting point for the Blue Tomato Kids Snowboard Day is on December 19th 2009 at 9 am in the Shop Schladming!