Well the summer in Austria has been long and sunny. A summer spent ripping up the Dachstein glacier and catching waves in Bali...and some things happened in the team too! We would like to welcome Marc Swoboda onto the team. The up and coming ripper from Austria who just won the Quiksilver contest in South Africa (yes we are talking about snowboarding). If you dont know the name then check out the photo...that is rail riding at another level!!!! He just made it on the Nitro International Team too!

The rest of the team have been busy, with Roli Scharmer heading off to Norway and the Phillipines of all places to film...wait and see the results! Ville Uotilla headed home for a while too and caught some rest. He also caught the cover of the new Blue Tomato Snowboard Catalogue!

You can check out the online Flash Catalogue here or get your free copy in the next issue of Onboard at the end of this month!

Enjoy the catalogue, and we will see you next at Freestyle CH! If you are there, come on by and say hi!

Later Blue Tomato

PS-- Foto credit: Simon Van Hal