hello, my name is fips strauss. i'm from germany and was born there on 26 of april in 1988 straight 2 minutes before my twin brother tobi.

i grew up in a small town named berchtesgaden with a bunch of mountains and forests around. normally the wintertime is fun there, with tons of snow every year. in summer u can hang around at the lake, go swimming or whatever. i'm a guy who likes to party hard and snowboard lots.

my friends r cool, my family is awesome. i also really like to meet new people and to check what's going on in foreign countries. right now im still in school and try to graduate in a german grammar school for the next two years. about my plans for the future i dont really know yet, i will try to keep on ridin lots as long as i can. at the end i can tell ya take it easy whatever u do, injuries suck and waste your time - life is short and world is large.

Picture of Tobi and Philipp Strauss taken by David Selbach.