First the good news: Colin Frei from Switzerland won the Billabong Air & Style in Innsbruck last night!

Now the two bad news: First I wanted to upload the whole report together with some super cool pictures our senior photographers took but somehow it messed up the whole Onboard website and I couldn´t fix it so I will now only tell you the most important news and you will have to wait for pictures until our IT guys get everything sorted - SORRY, SORRY, SORRY but computers just seem to hate me! Second Ispo started today and since 9 a.m. I'm trying to finish this report but every five minutes somebody is tipping on my shoulder saying 'Hello'. And I just have finished two sentences - ahhhhh! So to avoid that this big news is not going up until tomorrow afternoon I will let you know what the guys from the TTR said about the event. But not before mentioning that it was once again a extraordinary event with high level riding, super motivated talents (Stale Sandbech, Peetu Piiroinen, Kim Rune Hansen, Werner Stock to name just a few), some of the top guys (Antti Autti, Andy Finch, Scotty Lago and Hampus Mosesson) and one legend (Mr Terje Haakonsen himself) legends. It was really refreshing to see young kids like Colin, Peetu and Olivier Gittler on the podium and I think a new generation is taking over. But here you go with the press release:

"The 6Star Billabong Air & Style saw the Bergisel Stadium in Innsbruck, Austria, jam-packed with screaming fans as Colin Frei (SUI) flew sky high and launched himself to victory. Peetu Piiroinen’s (FIN) consistent amplitude placed him in second place which shot him into Swatch TTR World No.1, overtaking Chas Guldemond (USA). Throughout the night riders attacked the 12.2m Quarterpipe and put their bodies on the line for the chance to earn 1000 ranking points and a piece of the €75 000 EUR. The Air & Style 09 saw the Swatch TTR Title race heat up and the aftershocks are still reverberating through Innsbruck.

Colin Frei was beyond stoked after his unexpected win: “Before the last run I just thought – just shoot it all the way! And I did it. I still cannot believe that I won this contest. Crazy!"

The fierce competition, electric atmosphere and vocal crowd combined together to psych the riders to the limit. Frei stomped a massive Mctwist Indy, rising to just over 6.5m, earning him the prestigious ‘Ring Of Glory". Peetu grabbed second with consistent BS 5s and also took out the ‘Nokia Highest Air’, rising to 8.8m. After his efforts he is now amped to be in Swatch TTR World No.1 “I have never been World No 1 so it feels really good. It was my goal. But with more 6Star events coming up it may change." Olivier Gittler (FRA) rounded out the top 3 with a massive Mctwist that saw him step into Swatch TTR World No 15.

We will also upload a short video of an interview we did with German rider Philipp Strauss after the Air & Style. Philipp had a bad slam during the training when he crashed on the coping and fell 10 meters into the flat. Therefore he couldn't take part in the contest but he told us more about who had deserved the victory and what it was like riding with Terje Haakonsen. Soon on Onboard TV!