Hi everybody!

Let me introduce myself: my name is Benjamin Wetscher and I live in Fügen and beside snowboarding I study in Innsbruck. I’m born and raised in Zillertal and it is a pretty dope place to grow up if you are snowboarding, because you have so much different backcountry and whenever snowconditions are bad you still can ride a really sick Park in Mayrhofen or in the summertime in Hintertux. Damn, I really love this place.

I really enjoy snowboarding with my friends and fooling around with them. Through snowboarding I met so many cool people and some of ‘em even turned into close friends and it also allows me to travel to different places and countries.

In the future I wanna get some sick shots (not like this one), a cool videopart, some good results in comps (although I don’t really enjoy ‘em), have fun, push my own limits and don’t get hurt ‘cause injuries suck.

I ride for: Ride Snowboards, Grenade Gloves, Adio Footwear, Frontline Clothing, The Seeker, Hot Zone and myself. Thanx for all the support. And of course I wanna thank my family and all my homeboys (my 2nd family) for being there.

If you see me on the mountain don’t hestitate to holla @ me.

Cheers fools,