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A reader´s report

One of our most loyal readers, 16 years old Malte Casper from Germany, has visited an exceptional snowboard camp this summer – in Northern Germany! As he is a nice chap I promised him to publish his report on our website.

“Summer?” I hear you asking, “but now it is almost November!” I know, I know! As snowboard mag editors can be quite bad ass I not only asked Malte to translate his German text into English after he sent me a long, long, really long report but also to organise some pictures. All this plus the fact that our “rookie journalist” also has a real life which includes school, parties, parents, girls etc led to the delay. Sorry for this but I´m sure you will enjoy Malte´s text. Here we go:

“First of all big sorry for this 10th grade bad-ass English. Basecamp Revival at the Snow-Dome Bispingen is snowboard summercamp which stands for the pureness and respect for the nature will take place in a little village in Germany? Are there any mountains? I’m sure many people had asked themselves exactly these questions. Others may have drawn pictures of campers eating “Weißwurst” and “Sauerkraut” and started to scream. Okay I see… there are lots of reasons not to go to a summercamp in the northern part of Germany and it is definitly not the most famous spot to go shredding but finally some brave shred knights met up at the Snow-Dome on July 26, 2008.

Hard work is going to be followed by sweet joy.

Some locals were camping there the week before just to build up the park for the camp and definitly those who had shoveled like machines with frozen asses built up an outdoor jibpark just in the moment that the campers arrived. It wasn’t just a little outdoor jib park it was planned to be. It was a huge outdoor park with fresh snow in the evening and obstacles some resorts in the alps would be jealous of.

The joy.

The arriving dudes first could built up their camp faster than anyone can imagine and then enjoyed a wonderful night jib session with the locals. Cheered by some music from DJ Lautleise and Jibmasterjoe, everybody had a great session but the party wasn’t that hard like in the following nights because none wanted to start the camp with a big hangover. At the next day more and more people arrived and all the riders started to check out the luxurious breakfast and the nice park. Actual ly the park was not only nicely shaped but in my opinion also the the biggest indoor park of the world with the biggest indoor kicker ever!

The indoor beauties.

The kicker was a 18m channelgap jump. You needed a wakeboard winch pushing up to 55km/h just to hit the jump. But all the riders were scared about the channel gap so none tried to hit the gap. Anyway, at the Big Air contest was the level super high. Finally Sascha Waoff won with an incredible switch bs seven inverted nosegrab. But that belongs to the end of the camp week.The park was huge, perfectly shaped and included different lines so you either could learn new tricks on a certain obstacle or combine all obstacles to create your own lines. Actually I could tell you so much about the camp and the nights with thiese crazy parties but I think it´s better to tell you about a typical day so it´s the text is shorter and more comfortable to read.

Paaaaaarty people.

The day usually started with waking up. You are inside of your tent and just try to find the exit because it is that hot inside that no one can adure. Outside it´s a much better place to be. You feel the soft grass under your naked feet, look in the cloudless sky. Slowly you start to remember what you drank last night. You just want to know what had happened last night. Man, you just partied too hard. You look in your tent again, maybe you aren´t alone. There’s someone inside too, you may know or not. Anyway. You start to go to the shower trying hard too keep your balance and let the walk look easy. But there isn’t anyone who cares. All of them had partied hard and look exacly as bad or even worse like you. Under the shower you get a new life. The feeling is like 10 hours of sleep. You are getting hungry and remember that breakfast is included. The whole crowd is moving to have a breakfast deluxe. With all those fruits, crossaints, baked eggs, bacon… From your seat you can view the slope inside and, most importantly, the park. The park is perfecly shaped, with obstacles for everyone, without any guy in it, just virgin, just for you. You just feel the fire getting bigger and bigger in your heart and after eating too fast you just try to get ready for shredding as fast as possible. 5 minutes later you are at the lift and 2 minutes later you are at the drop in of the park. It´s about you. What will be your first line? The box line? The rail line or even the kicker? Fuck, you just drop in and have the best, funniest first ride you ever had. Maybe with all your buddies or alone with good music. The park is your playground ,simillary to any backcountry ride. You don´t have to choose a certain line, you just ride and see where it takes you. Shredding a wonderful playground you may not remember your current geografical position. Welcome in northern germany.”

Happy campers.

Shout out´s to: SNOW DOME, Marko Torkler (craziest ideas, best organisation) and to all dudes who were coming there to make it unforgetable: Flo, Till, Mo, Joe, Ladde, Torge, Marcy, Klinge, Andi, Andi, Marko, Sven, Pia, Pö, Jana, Amelie, Katja, Jojo, Niels, Maxi, Jonas, Jan, Niels, Chris, Christian (broken collar bone dude!), Dennis, Thorben, the dudes from Freiburg, the RV dudes and the polish freeski dudes…

Text: Malte Casper All pictures: Snow-Dome Bispingen, www.snow-dome.de


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