Dear fellas and bellas.

What´s up? We are back in Berchtesgaden right now, back in boarding school.

So much stress I can´t believe, it's super hard right now. We missed out some days in the last weeks so we have had to learn a lot on our own and that's what makes it so hard. But maybe it´s not that hard it´s just school.

We spent our weekend in Hintertux at a friend´s house and it was amazing.

This friend is called Werni Stock and he is a super good rider, we had so much fun: no training, no shooting, no stress, just ridin with friends on friday. Awesome.

We stayed in Hintertux for just one day (Saturday) we drove to Kaunertal for the opening there. The bad thing was this place had too little snow so they couldn´t do the planned slopestyle comp and changed to a rail session on a flatdown box instead. Maybe it was not like Hintertux but we still had a good session. We met a lot of friends, drove quadbikes and jumped lots on the local trampolines there.

On Sunday we rode in Hintertux with a lot of friends again, good weekend for sure. Now I have to go to school for some more days but on Thursday we're on the road again. We fly to Hamburg with Oakley for a skihall opening, we will take part in a Redbull show there with our friend Marco Smolla. It´s gonna be fun for sure, I don´t like skihalls that much, they're mostly really cold but I have never been to Hamburg so I'm pretty excited about that. Visting the kiez... haha, we will see.

Take care.