After one day break, we decide to go back to rainbow mountain. There was a reshape of the mountain in form of 50cm or more on top of 3 to 4 meters base, so windlibs, ciffs and pillows took new shape. On our way to rainbow mountain the heavy snowfall continued through out the whole morning. Outdoor Adventures Snowmobile supported us with the sleds and our guide was again Steven Tulk.

Fully motivaded we hauled up the mountain to our first spot and the wheather went better and better. After some treeruns we decided to go further up the mountain to find some cliffs. It took us a while to go up because of the deep pow. We had to dig a lot to get them sleds out! As soon as we got above the tree line everyone started to hike for cliffs. The weather opened and closed on us all the time.

After a good session on big cliffs and being exhausted from digging out the sleds we finaly met up with the "Yeahh" - Crew (Steve Gruber, Friedl Kolar, CK, Alex Schmaltz.....ect.). Forgetting about time it started to get dark. Lucky for us the slads had lights and we had a blast on the dark powder fields on our way down with the extended crew. YEAHH !!

See you tomorrow with some catboarding at Triconi Mountain