Hey Mate!! I was at the Oakley Style Wars in Fallscreek Australia last week.. I had tons of Fun there! great parties at the Silver Ski Lodge with the whole Epic crew! I got to see my old friend PC.. ride some runs in the gumtrees, watch Travis’ movie That’s it, That’s all.. I was hosting the contest for the web.. which was kind of funny.. then we improvised a trip to Torquay on the way down and went surfing, the water was freezing cold, but it was fun to catch a couple waves..

After the surfing, I joined the 2 Kristis ( Leskinen skier, and KT the Oakley marketing girl in Australia). We flew Sydney, ate some kangaroo, did a couple PR stuff there with Alpha magazine and Sports Tonight Australia. I pet a koala and flew to New Zealand.. we spent the first day in Oakland for some more interviews for Sunrise (TV), Curl magazine, Sports Tonight NZ (TV), couple radio stations, and last but not least, we got on the Sports Cafe show hosted by some of the All Blacks (NZ national heroes).. they started asking us some tricky questions when a streaker jumped out of the public and shaked it right before my eyes on live national TV!! I was quite stoked to be there when that happened anyways got to Queenstsown the next day for the Oakley Chicks day out! which took place in Snowpark with another 50 girls.. the sun was shining and the park was super good, we shred together all day and went for a bootie shake at the subculture bar where our friend RIA was djing.. she killed it! she played tons of funk, which i love.. and now I m tired and ready to go back to Euroland!

Thanks to Oakley and thanks tons to KT for organising this trip! thanks to all the girls for coming shredding with us, see you all next year!