Yeah, sorry people. I know I promised I'd do an update on days 2 and 3 of Freestyle.CH, but due to the combination of lacklustre internet connection and having to guard our tent till late from hoards of marauding kids who'll take anything that's not bolted down, I just couldn't do it. Anyway, we're back in Munich so here's a wee round-up for ya.

But it's not here. Oops. Or maybe not oops. Maybe it's a well thought out oops. Maybe I'm just witterning on a bunch of crap till you get to the link to our events section here and then forget that we're still kinda figuring our way round this stuff. Anyway, big thanks to the guys and gals who put on the Freestyle.CH - it was a great event with a great crowd and some killer action from all the riders involved, be it snowboard, skate, FMX or ski. Actually, that was a bit of a lie: Those micro scooter dudes sessioning the mini ramp were a bit bent. "Fuck off with your shit Hoovers!" a certain member of the Onboard editorial crew was heard screaming before he lost his voice. Perhaps we criticise because we do not understand. Perhaps we should embrace everything anyone does. But then that would mean liking Chelsea and shit, and I ain't prepared to do that. No way.