When injured one has to fill his time with other important activities. For me, one was to arrange the international snowboarding championship in poker.

The tournament will happen in Stockholm on the 26th of April. Players so far are Micke Sandy, Chris Sörman, Eirik Haugo, Stephan Maurer, Me, Martin Sandberg, Jonas Carlson but the list are growing every day.

These fine boarders will play for €2000, €1000 and €500.

The contest will be arranged by www.eviltable.com who are also the main sponsors of FHM´s yearly "100 sexiest swedish girls" party where we all will attend in the evening. Check evil table or my blog to see reports!

Today I was riding kickers in Åre with Simon Ax. It was the first time since I crashed my knee in January and it feels great to be back!

Music tip: Watain - Sworn to the Dark (swedish black metal!!!)