A hell of a week-end it was in Les Deux Alpes, again. On Saturday we were invited to the Premiere of the Burton movie. I have to say I'm left undecided. I thought it was a really good and interesting reportage way of showing the public where snowboarding is going: from contests with Shaun White and Kelly Clark, or powder with Terje and Jake, to huge record jumps with Mads Jonsson and just simple shred with Nicolas Müller. Every aspect of snowboarding were shown in a very comprehensive way and you could see it by the applause at the end. But there's a but. I didn't dig that much the american-star-and-stripes-half-nationalistic bits in the movie. Not because I don't like the American flag, but only because snowboarding should have nothing to do with nationalistic pride. Well maybe it's me, maybe I was an Anarachist for too long when I was a student...

Anyway moving on to the next ones, Advita movie, Fiaso and Draw the Line were shown in the main tent and had a really good feedback from the public too. The Psykopit crew in full effect granted the crowd with a signing session on the Onboard/Psykopit poster made for the occasion.

Ten it was time for the Burton Highway To Rail contest. A bomb drop and a assortment of rails were offered to the riders to shred. To be honest I was really busy trying that evil drink at the bar with a bouch of alcoholic friend, so I can't tell you all the tricks, but I can tell you that one dude (Henning Martinssen I think) had a close to death experience trying a 270 to head plant. Then Mathieu Crepel was throwing sick switch BS 720 over the steps, which left the judge in embarassment since it's a big air trick! La Crepe finally got second with this. Third was Eero Ettala with his master style on the metal. But thos two favorites found strong copetition that night in the name of a young rider from Norway: Ulrik Badertscher. But don't worry you can get the full report of the event here.

After this and as you can imagine, L'Avalanche was the club in fire again... But I guess when some were having fun dacing and partying, some others had fun breaking into rooms and stealing stuff. Some riders got totally robbed, some cars where broken into despite the heavy presence of the local police. Kind of a weird atmosphere really. So yes, that was it for this year's edition, with a last day shredding our legs out on the glacier for the most motivated people out there, and rocking the 80s style shit, very nice.

See you next year dudes!