Yet again the crew ride from about 9am to 10pm taking full advantage of the on mountain accommodation. Check out what Sparrow Knox has to say about his day:

“Just got off the slopes and it is 10.30 and we’ve been riding since dinner doing a night shoot in the park right next to our hotel. Most of the session was spent riding this kicker over a wooden hut and we got some rad shots in the night as the sun went down. The park was super well shaped and we rode till we literally couldn’t see anything and then some more.

Earlier on in the day we were hitting the most gnarly kicker ever it wasn’t even big it was just some nuts jump with a huge step down that made you feel like you were in the air forever. After that session we felt like chilling so we got a sofa and sat down about to take a break. Three minutes later some crazy dude decides to do a massive backflip right over my head. That crazy dude was Ben Kilner, nearly chopping my head off.

So all in all an amazing day and night made even better by the fact we saw a whole heap of shooting stars at the end of night shoot – so sick."