Hello everyone,

This is Iker Fernandez, finally we got some snow here in Europe - not much but enough to have some fun days.

I went to the BEO in Laax, I didn't enjoy the contest much cause I haven't ridden pipe in a long time but I had two good days in the forest there shooting with Andoni Epelde and turning out some cool stuff. The down thing was that after I came back to Alrberg, there was some good snow still and while out riding I hurt my knee a little after over-shooting a cliff and landing in a hole. At first I thought I may have hurt my ASL ligament but after checking with the scan the doctor says my ligaments are fine so I was happy for that.

Now I'm going home to chill for two weeks and when I am good again I will fly to Canada and film there for yeahh producctions.

That is it for now, take care, Iker