Sweeeet! Jaakko Ruha is this year's winner of the Absolut Spring Battle! He outstyled his opponents and took first place with a BS 10 to FS 9 Tail grab on his first run, and a Cab 9 to BS 7 on his second. The win earned him 500 TTR ranking points, and $4000 USD that we will help him spend on booze tonight! Local rider, Herby Thaler had the crowd going wild every time he dropped in and he managed to snag second place with a Cab 9 to FS 7 Tail and a BS 9 Melon to Cab 270. 2007 Absolut Park Spring Battle winner, Ville Uotila claimed third place with a FS 9 Melon to Switch BS 9 on his first run and a Cab 9 to FS 9 on his second. The Absolut Park shaping crew led by Seppi Harml and Christoph Walchhofer have a reputation for being some of Europe’s finest park builders and they certainly lived up to the reputation this year, shaping a set-up that presented endless opportunities for progression and creativity. Swatch TTR riders utilized the 20m ‘Cowboy Kicker’ and a number of obstacles including a wallride, logs, boxes and rails to ‘ride it hard – cowboy style’ throughout the day. You can check out all our pics here!