Snowboard manufacturing is not something you can read a lot about in the snowboard mags or even on the Internet. We wanted to know more about snowboard production so we asked John Colvin from the Elan Snowboard Factory, one of the major snowboard production facilities in the world. John gaves us an overview of snowboard production facilities worldwide, and told us which snowboard brands run their own facilities, and which rely on OEMs. We also discussed the work processes at the Elan Snowboard Factory to better understand how each brand is treated for the production of its boards. John also shared a cool video that details every step of a snowboard's production at the Elan Factory. Finally we tried to make him tell us what will be the main innovations on our snowboards in the winters to come but hey, he would have to kill us after telling us, so we'd rather wait and see!

Check out our full interview and video and the next time you buy a board maybe you'll add "eco-friendly factory", "quality" and "innovation" alongside brand, design and camber profile in your list of criterias.