I mean it's good to do this kind of events, it brings all the snowboarders back together and get them amped for the winter. But sometimes it's like a marathon, you need to do them all or people make you feel like you miss something that you will regret all winter. And yes it's true, sometimes I feel like I missed something. Like, I missed a party where most of the times I get a wrong idea of the movie because I can't jump on people's head to see better, or I get to happy meeting again all these peeps and gets way to drunk. Well, I guees all this is my fault isn't it?

I was really stoked on the Storbis and Standard Premiere one, down in South of France, far from the industry hype, where you can hear all kind of comments you're not use to hear. Where people are putting it together real nice because they're so stoke to bring an event to their home. It's so refreshing. Why not organising more parties far away from the trend (or shall I say mainstream)? Go and find new people, get them invloved, get them in the family?

Aaah, those premieres... But promised, I'll try it again, just to see how it feels to go back home after a snowboard premiere and still remember my name...

And if you want to know more about that party in South of France, check the Events section of your beloved website.