Christophe Schmidt, David Benedek, and papa of the Air+Style Andrew Hourmont at the presentation in Munich.

As you probably all know by now, the legendary Air+Style contest is now based in Munich, in fact since last year. Organisers, sponsors and a few riders were in town this morning to present to the press - sorry guys, we were late, again - the upcoming edition that will take place in the Olympia Park on the second of December.

First of all, it seems that the new lay out will allow the crowd to face the jump, which is a major improvement compared to last year. The snowboard and FMX courses will be mix together i a very clever way so all the action will take place on the same spot.

The line up of rider is going to be super high standard again - Shaun White is not confirmed - guess the kid is pretty in demand nowadays- and the bands will offer a good mix of Rock and Ska, apparently.

To be honest the only thing we still don't know is where the Onboard tent will be located. Please guys, give us a good spot, since we tied to the tent for the whole event! Yes, if we lose the tent of sight for half a second, everything is gone... Posters, foam hands, banners, walls of the tent, lights, hords of hungry blaggers were trying to steal everything last year.

Well we can always hope it's due to the success of the magazine hey!

And if you read it all about it, see the lay out I'm talking about and all that, go to that News now!