And once again the Mack Dawg movie is awesome. The level of riding is as gnarly as usual, but the filming and editing probably goes beyond everything we've seen so far. So who's got the closing part eheh? We won't tell you this now, but we can tell you that to our eyes, a few riding parts are standing out: Andreas Wiig, Jeremy Jones, Eero Ettala, or that crazy night session in the pipe with Shaun White and Kevin Pearce. DCP's and JP Walker's ones are bangers too, even if they are very short. Alright, you don't know much more now do you? But to share a bit of our great mood today, we'll give the path to the 'hidden bonus' of last years' Follow Me Around - those who have the movie at home will run to the DVD player! Aren't we nice?

From the main menu put the arrow on “bonus"

Press left-left-enter

And that will take you to the hidden bonus!

Oh and for those who haven't seen the trailer of Picture This, you see it in the video section on this very website. Ok now back to Summer Mode everyone!

Featured Riders:

Aaron Bittner

Andreas Wiig

Darrell Mathes


Eero Ettala

Etienne Gilbert

Hampus Mosesson

Heikki Sorsa

Jakob Wilhelmson

Jeremy Jones

Josh Dirksen

Jussi Oksanen

Louie Fountain

Seth Huot

Shaun White

Wille Yli-Luoma