Yes, 2008 started well for the Southerners - for once - as snow kept falling until the southern extremity of the Alps looked like Whistler in January. No shit. It all started when Scalp called me early January. "Did you check that storm coming up from the south west? It's gonna be dumping in the South man!" I had been waiting for this kind of storm for about 7 years, since I'm working for your dearest mag. It's so enoying when you know a stop rips, but rarely get the conditions to make a good story in the mag. And that's the case fro pretty much all the resorts South of Serre-Chevalier, on the southern end of the Alpine arch. We gathered a crew of local riders: Morgan Lefaucheur, Julien Bourguignon, Laurent Haslé and Robin Reymond, and headed down about 70km from Nice, in a place called Auron, home of Morgan.

Good guides in the names of the Lefaucheur brothers, a resort packed with snow: all we could ask for the beginning of our trip... The first spot was a cliff by the big gondola, where the riders got the power legs working on a pretty big step down landing.

Everything was just perfect, until the second day when Morgan got into an avalanche. Fortunately, he didn't get berried or anything, but that was sketchy as fuck...

The motivation was back the following day when we decided to build a kicker in between two trees and overlooking the resort. Enough to amp Julien Bourguignon, who wouldn't leave the spot without the perfect shot.

And to finish the third day on a better note that the last, I sweep those guys at poker hehe... Thanks to the Lefaucheur bros, your pad rocks lads! And to Auron resort. The crew is now heading up to Serre-Chevalier. The temparatures are going up but hopefully they will find some more sweet spots. Me, I'm back in the Munich office, last issue of the season is waiting... Bugger.