Hey You All!

I took the decision to quit as a pro snowboarder some time ago but I figured I should let you Onboard readers know.

Being a pro for the last 6 years I've learned a lot, I've gotten to travel to really cool places and met some great people! Now it's time to move on. I felt I wasn't going anywhere with my riding and I needed new challenges!

As of now I'm a student at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm where I'm learning about digital communication and web strategies.

I did not, however, quit riding. Nor did I leave the scene completely. This is just a break. I'll be back on the mountain with you guys sooner or later!

I would like to shout out some creds to certain people that helped me during the years:

NITRO SNOWBOARDS DEELUXE ANON SKULLCANDY GRAVIS Boardstore.se Kask Pirate Movie Production The rest of you riders, photographers, mag dudes, business people, party guys and everyone else I met.

You all rock!!! \m/

I put some of my old video parts on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/jonteedvardson

If you wanna find me I'm right nearby: my old website me on twitter