The day after I arrive at home in Östersund a friend tells me "Mustasch is playing tomorrow". As I've seen this swedish top rock´n roll band before I know it's gonna be a hell of a show! I directly run to the local music store to get my ticket only to find that they're sold out!!! "No way, this can't be true", I thought. I was told there was a chance that some tickets might be available next morning.

So next morning I'm there 5 minutes before they open. "Nope", says the guy behind the counter, "no more tickets". DAMN!!! What the heck! I even got the number to the organiser to see if there was anything he could do. "No, I would love to but we're totally full, guest list and everything" F#€%"#% s#€%"#%. I gave up and went home.

Two hours before the doors to the party opened I was slacking in my couch skyping with Erik, a metal brother working with Skullcandy. I explained my problem and that I was gonna watch TV while my friends went to see Mustasch pull hit's like "Black City" and "I hunt alone". Then Erik says he's gonna give this guy a call. 5 minutes later I'm on the guest list... "What the heck just happened?" I ask him. Turnes out that Erik know some guys who pulled string for the Mustasch tour somehow.

I packed my gear, met up some friends for a couple of beers and were off to see MUSTASCH!

Music Tip: Mustasch! Ralph with his sick sideburns!!!