I got the magic stick!

I'm a freak to the core

Get a dose once, you gon´want some more!

Holla at ya momma, that's right! 50 Cent in Helsinki! It was supposed to be the only gig in europe, but after it was sold out fiddy decided to do it in a couple more places. Anyways, it was niiice! Tony Yayo was the hypeman and the people just went crazy.

Who else but Ali Toppinen, the baddest chick, rappin´ it on the rhythms of the song "Magic Stick". haha, for a second though, Ali looks quite stupid!

At the same time, Helsinki hosted the biggest winter sports fair in Scandinavia. During that weekend Eero Ettala was chosen "Rider of the year", "Video part of the year", "Rail rider of the year", and yesterday Eero was back in his form, practising switch double backflips in Talma!!! Whats up with that!!

Last week I also managed to upload the updated website of Villawool™ knitwear co. so be sure to check that out!! HOLLA!!! Filming for the new Storbis movie "STORBIS THE MOVIE (2007)" have started as well with good success, even though what it looks like now, the snow is gone for a while!

You can call your mama right now, tell her you met a thug I talk a lot of shit cause I can back it up...wow guy!! 50 Cent!! A lyrical genius!!!!!!!!